Digital Marketing Resources and Their Effective Use

There is a wealth of digital marketing resources available to marketing professionals. The difficulty, is sorting through these resources; vigorousism not only to find those that are authoritative, but for those that can be best applied to particular business marketing strategy. Not all digital marketing resources will work for every business and which resources a business should use will depend on goals, target markets, etc. In addition, a business needs to consider how it balances the use of new media and traditional media for an effective marketing mix.

The plethora of digital marketing resources available includes social media, blogs, video, podcasting, news releases, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and many more. Which of these a business should utilize primarily is based on the overall goals of the business. Starting a blog just because an executive thinks the company needs a blog, for example, is not effectively using digital marketing. Instead, it’s important to begin with goals and choose the correct digital marketing mediums that will help the organization meet those goals.

Which digital resources a company should use also depends on the target market that the company is trying to reach (which the company identified when determining a strategy and goals). The organization should study the media habits of their target market to find out what types of digital media and traditional media appeal to them. For example, a grandmother in her 70’s might not visit blogs to keep up on the latest trends, but she may very well be on the social media sites to stay connected to her children and grandchildren. Knowing this information can help marketers determine the best way to reach their target audience.

Finally, marketing professionals must figure out the best balance between  media to meet their goals. With consumers being bombarded with an increasing amount of advertising messages, it is difficult to cut through the clutter and reach them. The organization must also be present when the consumer is in the mindset to listen to them. This may be when the consumer is reading the latest headlines online, but it could also be when they are on their daily commute. To determine the most effective strategy, again, takes research on media habits and buying habits of the target market and constant evaluation of a company’s marketing mix.


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