Digital Marketing – The Answer to Dynamic Consumer Needs

This article is not about a love affair between technology, people and processes alone. It is about the changing needs of people in the age where Innovation, backed with technology, is the driving force. The force, whose future will increasingly affect the future of the digital marketing world. It is a consumer’s world now, where the society has become more cosmopolitan in its needs. It isn’t hard to observe and chronicle the increasing requirement to fulfill the needs of consumers with the burgeoning population growth.

The market structure is of monopolistic competition where the consumers are pickier about what they get from vast number of sellers. Under such circumstances, digital marketing comes to your rescue. When we think from a global perspective, we come across a vast range of audience profiles but the ones who are sitting in front of their computer screens definitely can’t be ignored. Banking on this audience would bring online businesses into acclivity.

Digital marketing is a clear winner where global reach and results- oriented marketing is concerned. Perhaps, fullhdfilmizleyin the ghost stalking the traditional media is the absence of a clear way of checking results of specific marketing efforts. Let’s take an example. An email promoting a product/ service would be delivered in time and the feedback can be tracked. But if you publish the same advertisement in a newspaper, amendedfirearms then you might not be able to trace the effectiveness of the impact created on the audience.

Digital networks are now beginning to connect computers not just with people but to their house devices such as televisions and game consoles as well. Thus the prospective consumers’ list only increases. Digital marketing has a dichotonomy of two models- One, mostori where messages have to be deliberately put across towards a targeted audience, called as push model and the other, where the audience choose the media to expose themselves to, called the pull model.


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