The Mystery of Rasputin’s Penis

Grigori Rasputin is considered by some to be one of the wickedest men who ever lived. He’s right up there with Hitler, Stalin, Caligula, and Torquemada. This Siberian-born peasant went on to lead a life filled with mysticism, excesses, politics, visions, and evil. Stories and tales abound about him — Some true, some not. The mystery of his penis is still in question. What of it?

Rasputin was born in Siberia, Russia and went on to lead quite a dynamic and interesting life, sea cucumber for sale the most interesting of which is his supposed assistance with the fall of the Romanov Dynasty.

He was believed to be psychic and was thought to have supernatural powers. He practiced religious mysticism and was also known for his womanizing and strong sexual appetite. Numerous stories abound about the size of his rather large penis and his incredible sexual abilities as a lover. Stories of women fainting upon reaching orgasm while having sex with him are not uncommon. It is also said that he had a large wart on his penis which aided in sexual stimulation of the vagina during intercourse.

He was murdered in 1916 and it was said that his body was mutilated but that his penis had been cut off and preserved. Unfortunately, fullhdfilmizleyin the autopsy records and accounts of his death were destroyed during the Stalin/Soviet era of Russia and are not available. Since it was believed that his penis had been removed, there still exists the question if it is still around today…

One account states that a maid found the severed penis in the bushes after the murder took place. She kept it until 1920 and then it somehow got into the hands of a group of Russian women living in Paris, For more info please visit these websites:- France. These women worshipped it as a fertility symbol. The penis was preserved and remained with these ladies until the daughter of Rasputin claimed that she should have ownership of the severed penis. The penis was thus returned to her and remained in her care until her death in 1977.

After her death, a large number of Rasputin’s belongings were put up for sale from her estate. The penis was purchased but it was not what it was believed to be. Actually it turned out to be a sea animal called a Sea Cucumber. No one knows for sure if this was the originally-perceived penis that the Russian women worshipped or if it had been replaced at some time.

But it gets even more interesting… In 2004 a medical scientist opened up an erotic museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. One of the exhibits (along with some of Rasputin’s personal belongings and letters) is a preserved 12 inch flaccid penis which he claims was that of Rasputin. The penis was purchased from a French antique dealer and is believed to be “The Real McCoy.”

The curator of the museum states that if a man just looks at the severed and preserved penis, that it will cure all forms of impotence…

Thus the mystery of Rasputin’s penis lives on.

While men may not have access to view Rasputin’s supposed severed penis to cure impotence, there are methods that are natural and easy-to-implement that can help with impotence, stars77slot if there is not an underlying anatomical problem. Learn about these methods and how to increase your penis size, function, and stamina with the book IRON MAN PENIS – THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM.


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