Toffee The Pony – The Next Generation In Electronic Pet Toys

Toffee the Pony is the latest in a long line of equestrian-based electronic pet toys for girls. The enduring popularity of these interactive toys designed around horses and ponies means that little girls everywhere love them. Toffee the Pony is different to many of its predecessors; net77 this article will explain more details about the new plush pony toy and why it is predicted to be one of the Top Toys for Christmas 2010.

One of the first interactive pony pets was the Fur Real Friends Smores Pony that was large enough to sit on followed closely by Butterscotch the Pony. Another highly successful toy was Honey My Baby Pony that was slightly smaller and had more realistic movements. All these toys featured advanced electronic wizardry that enabled varying degrees of movement and a selection of sound effects allowing luq them to react and interact with their owners, giving hours of fun and making them great alternatives to the real thing. Lets face it a real pony is a big responsibility and can prove very expensive.

One thing that the older interactive horse toys had in common was the fact that they were large and not very cuddly. Because they required a fairly rigid structure to house all the electronic gizmos, Smithscotpharma they were relatively hard to the touch and did not lend themselves to being carried around or snuggled. This is an important factor in soft toys for young girls, they love to take them everywhere and cuddle them at every opportunity.

Introducing Toffee the Pony, recorddealfinder he is the first in a range of super-soft plush electronic pets that combine robot pet technology with a luxury soft feel. He is unique in the world of electronic pets; he is extremely soft to touch, has absolutely no restricted movement and is just the right size – small enough to be carried around while also being big enough to give a great big hug!

Toffee the Pony is designed for children aged 3 years and upward,  and comes complete with his very own brush together with his favourite carrot. You can brush him just like a real pony and he simply loves to chomp on the tasty carrot. He is a sophisticated animatronic toy with a realistic range of movements and mannerisms with soft and cuddly coat.

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