Affairs and Personality Disorders – 9 Signs the Affairs Might Signal Bigger Issues

Affairs are devastating to a relationship. The loss of trust, feelings of betrayal, and anger can be difficult to work through. It is possible for two people to recommit and take steps to rebuild trust, Criminal Affair accountability, and communication after an affair, but what about the partner who can’t seem to stop cheating and has multiple affairs? Sometimes, this scenario can indicate a more deeply rooted problem. Personality disorders affect the “hard wiring” of certain individuals and can cause behaviors that seem bewildering and hurtful for partners. Here are 9 signs that the affairs may be habitforge part of a bigger picture of a personality disorder such as sociopathy or narcissism in your partner:

1.       Lack of empathy. Your partner might be unable to truly put him or herself in someone else’s shoes. Thus, he or she is more likely to commit acts that are callous or unfeeling.

2.      Missing guilt or remorse response. Likewise, goodsandnaturals when wrongdoing is exposed, there is a lack of true remorse or guilt. He or she may be sorry to have been caught, but truthfully may feel as if the victim “deserved” it for being weak in the first place.

3.      Poor behavioral controls, a lack of ability to contain impulses. This lends itself to addictive and compulsive behaviors, such as affair or drug and alcohol addiction. For more info please 

4.      A defiance of social “norms.” Your partner may feel as if regular laws don’t really apply to him or her. There is often a sense of entitlement, directionfilms which can also play into the justification for the affairs.

5.      A tendency to manipulate, con, or lie. The ultimate goal may be how much can your partner get out of you and others?

6.      A greater likelihood for criminal behavior and even violence. The dismissal of the mindsplintersfilms “rules” can lead to criminal or unethical behavior as your partner may be willing to do what it takes to satisfy his or her agenda.

7.      Patterns of irresponsibility. Your partner might have trouble holding down a steady job, hungergamestrilogy or paying bills on time.

8.      A sense of grandiose self worth. Your partner might present him or herself as superior to others, and exaggerate his or her accomplishments, wiraingames expecting praise and admiration.

9.      More likelihood for boredom and risk taking behaviors. Your partner might find him or herself seeking greater sources of stimuli. This can be found in risky affairs as well as other chaotic behaviors. stickwargames


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