Work-Related Back Pain Relief

Work related back pain is unfortunately too common in nearly all industries. There are many actions we can take to reduce painful back conditions from occurring. Some are simple, appoura daily lifestyle modifications. Another novel approach might be implemented. This article will discuss work related low back pain injuries and steps that can be taken to reduce this painful and costly malady.

There have been many studies investigating the prevalence of back related work injuries. Aside from being painful for an employee, it tends to lead to higher insurance premiums for the employer.

Prevention of injuries is certainly a preferred course of action for everyone concerned. Steps such as modifying work to reduce the amount of reaching and bending performed daily should be considered. A proper workstation to improve posture is certainly an imperative in reducing repetitive or prolonged desk work/computer occupations. Taking frequent breaks needs to be encouraged during a work shift. Short, quick walks to dissipate occupational stress might be considered, newzhit if practicable.

If a worker suffers work-related lower back pain, chiropractic care has been shown to be effective for pain relief, reducing lost work time and lowering costs and expenses. Chiropractic patients have less expensive services and shorter periods of disability then cases treated by other practitioners such as primary care physicians, capcounter physical therapists and surgeons.

A novel approach taken by a Midwest company has been to provide on-site chiropractic services. Brewer’s Distributing, located in Peoria Illinois, is a wholesale distributor of Anheuser Busch products. Because their employees must lift heavy kegs and cases of beer, they were subject to frequent,  skylightmarijuana costly lower back work-related injuries.

Brewer’s Distributing decided to have a chiropractor come to the facility, on site, weekly to provide free chiropractic services to their employees. The idea is to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. By treating minor musculoskeletal injuries on site, serious work-related back complaints are kept from becoming worker’s compensation claims.

Brewer’s Distributing saved a significant amount of money in the first two years of implementation. The number of employee sick days declined by 22%, while the accident rate was cut in half. Consequently, buzzindeed the worker’s compensation cost experienced was dramatically reduced, with premiums declining by more than 25%.

It is important to be proactive with employer/employee lower back pain injuries. If a back injury is sustained chiropractic care can be utilized for back pain relief. Chiropractors can also provide on-site services to further the prevention of back related injuries and the associated costs.


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