How Call Tracking Makes Business Tick

The online age has brought about a new medium for businesses to market its products and services. Nonetheless over half of business was closed over the phone rather than with the mouse according to a recent survey, and subsequently knowing which phone numbers are doing the business for your business, remains as important ever.

In fact the phone consistently outperforming the mouse gives website marketing and analytics a whole new dimension.

Here are some ways phone call tracking can make a business tick:


    • Knowing the sources of your phone calls makes it possible to identify which parts of a marketing strategy are working, and just as crucially which are not.


    • Call tracking software can identify phone numbers from online and offline sources so whether your marketing campaign is online or offline based, such as a radio or TV ad, call tracking monitoring systems can identify this for you.


    • The software can also track what path a user took through a website before, during, and after a call to the business was made. If you ever have wondered which products, marketing call tracking services, or pages of a website were of interest to customers, clients, and indeed potential customer and clients, call tracking services can identify this for you.


    • It’s not just about systems tracking the calls, the better tracking systems can use a call monitoring system to record call data such as peak time calls, call duration, which calls led to a sale, which staff or department are making the most sales conversions.


    • Call tracking is particularly effective for monitoring phone calls to a business which are driven by SEO campaigns. Good call tracking software can pinpoint which keyword led to the call, and as mentioned above track the caller’s path through a website. A top tip to get more click throughs is to include a phone number in an organic search result and indeed a pay per click ad.


  • As a business and website owner you want to know who is looking at what on your site. Google Analytics can show what pages of your site are being looked at, where in the world they are from and what pages people are taking time to read and what keyword or other source brought them to your site.


Tracking phone calls to your site will give you the opportunity to do the same, and you can pinpoint which source either online and offline is doing the business for the business.


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